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For individuals, groups, and organizations experiencing change  

Bring It On! : Developing Change Resilience 

Whether personal or professional, positive or negative, self-initiated or imposed, change can feel very uncomfortable, which often makes things more challenging to deal with. This enlightening and interactive module takes a brain-based approach and draws on learners’ lived experiences to introduce the concept of change and how it impacts us physically, emotionally, and socially. Learners will leave with strategies for better managing, and leveraging, change in ourselves and others, and how to manage changes at work. 

An optional second session is available for unique groups to discuss how a specific change has impacted them and how to move forward given  the changed circumstances.

Unique to Blue Morpho

Length: 1 session + optional plenary session for groups (upon request/additional fees apply)

Cost: $199 + tax per person 

Registration Size: Unlimited

Format: Live online course

Delivery - Open registration OR tailored to your group or organization

What you walk away with: 

  • language, tools, and concepts to make current and future changes less stressful for yourself and others
  • the understanding of how humans adapt to change
  • a personal plan to better manage current or future changes at home and at work

For more information please email info@bluemorphogroup.ca 

For anyone developing their career in leadership, change management, and any role that supports change

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