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About Blue Morpho

As the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus said, “change is the only constant in life”. By the time we hit adulthood, everyone has experienced change of one kind or another. If change is our constant companion, why aren’t people better at it? Why do we avoid change?

The answer is simple: because changes can leave us feeling unsettled, uncomfortable, and disoriented.

We decided to teach others how to do change better.

We brought together our own experiences with personal and professional change and hung them on a backdrop of evolutionary psychology, neurology, thanatology, as well as organizational development-, change management -, and leadership studies.

This led us to finding the “secret sauce” for change resilience.

With Blue Morpho's approach, organizational change processes become less uncomfortable, less costly, and more easily implemented.  

We chose the Blue Morpho butterfly as the perfect metaphor for change. Caterpillars are reconfigured at a cellular level before they morph into something completely new and more beautiful.

Change can impact us the same way. It can completely change the world as we know it.  It can make us feel like we have little or no control over what comes next but with the right tools we can leverage our innate human ability to adapt and create a different and better world for ourselves.


To teach people to safeguard their physical and emotional well-being during change processes and better equip organizations to comfortably meet and move through uncertain and rapidly changing environments.

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Jacqueline Kappers

Jacqueline has wondered about the viability of the impossible, asked inconvenient questions, and stirred the pot in organizations in several countries, over several decades. With a background in organizational development, marketing, adult education, and professional coach, she’s created programmes, new ways of thinking about old problems, and been a change catalyst for not-for-profits, national- and international government organizations, and financial institutions in The Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, and Canada.

Experience with failed change initiatives and tremendous personal loss led her to conclude that people do not adapt to change with loss easily, despite clearly communicated vision and benefits. A passion was born for learning about change, loss, how the brain adapts to change, and how these apply to the problem of resistance to organizational change.

She is a pioneer in a new but steadily emerging approach to change management, which focuses on minimizing resistance and maximizing adoption by preparing those impacted by change for the losses as well as the benefits. Her personal mission is to serve others by offering a new perspective on how humans experience change, thereby creating change resilience and emotional wellness.

She holds an MA in Organizational Development from the University of Utrecht, is a certified instructional designer, and professional coach.

Jacqueline lives in London, Canada and is often found making music, writing, or in discussion with her three teens.

"When leaders of an educational institution approached Blue Morpho to work with their staff to adjust to the changes Covid had thrust upon them, we created a series of sessions tailored to their unique context. Working one on one with the leaders, we first addressed their own uncertainty, so that they could process their response to the changes and support their staff from a place of calm and strength. We then worked with staff. Through training and discussion, helped them process the changes and develop some resiliency so that they could work together to develop creative solutions for delivering programming under the new restrictions.

“What a great experience it was to work with Jacqueline and her team. Things were so unstable:  we had never taught remotely before or used zoom, and our personal lives were in upheaval. There was such a lot of change in such a short time. We felt like hot pots, ready to boil over.

The first session gave us what we needed to understand what was happening to us, on a human level. The Blue Morpho team created a safe space where we felt comfortable enough to express our individual concerns and experiences. The guidance we received was reassuring and affirming; Jacqueline was really present to us and listened in a way that although we all experienced the changes individually, we realized we were really not alone. T

he session gave my team the courage, connection, and insight they needed to creatively tackle how we would move forward to meet the challenges of our new work context. With Covid, the world no longer made sense and the experience with Blue Morpho helped us to process what we were feeling, put our thoughts into perspective, and find our way forward as a team. I felt like we connected human to human for the first time, rather than professional to professional and that really strengthened our relationships  and effectiveness as a team. The sessions had a profound impact on our school, they were life-changing, and we are so grateful."
- Susan deBrigard, Principal, St. Matthew's School
"I found that by looking closely at a loss early in my career, I finally allowed myself to properly grieve it (transition through it) and ultimately grow from it and apply that knowledge to my current circumstances. Additionally this growth (and renewed focus on a growth mindset), have allowed me to be much more effective in not only my approach to managing myself, but how I can inspire others to bring out the best in themselves."
– David H. (Financial Industry)
“Because of the work I did with Blue Morpho, I became aware that recognizing my losses, having them validated, and allowing myself to express the emotions around it (rather than suppressing them as I had been taught), was empowering. It brought m e to a place of peace, where I could make a decision about the loss and move forward through the change.”
– Maryam K. (Higher Education)
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